The Sword and Flagon

The Sword and Flagon is a tavern made out of an old pirate ship that ran ashore. It is ran by the ghosts of the crew.

A bunch of pirates pledged allegiance to the ship, that they forever owe it their soul. They overthrew The Pirate Captain, which ran the ship aground. They threw him over as he was bleeding out. The crew could not leave the ship, and eventually starved there, their bodies rotting on the lowest deck.

Because they could not leave the ship, the ghosts eventually set up shop there and opened a tavern to bring in new people and earn enough to repair the ship so that they may eventually set sail again.

The tavern has earned the nickname “The Mutiny Tavern”, a name which draws the ire of its inhabitants.

The tavern is located to the north of Celesthem, but south of Ushad.


The Sword and Flagon

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