Merfolk are a sentient race that fill the waters of the world. They vary in appearance greatly. Their skin tends to come in shades of blues and shades of green. Most species of Merfolk do not have legs, though there are some exceptions. Some magical items and spells have been made to allow them to walk on land.

History and Culture

Merfolk are typically a peaceful, tribal people that live in many bodies of water. Each tribe has a unique culture, rooted with individual religion and beliefs. Many groups are hospitable and good-natured, especially those from the lakes, which tend to be mischievous. Some are harsh, ruthless, and unforgiving, such as the deeper ocean tribes. Those near the ocean shore tend to be more mercantile and enjoy interacting with other species.

Merfolk are at the top of the aquatic food chain, but creatures such as sharks, octopus, certain land dwellers, and hostile Merfolk are considered predators. From a young age, children are taught to fight at a distance. To constantly keep moving and attacking if being pursued. Very few leave the waters they were born in to make a living upon the land. They do so through trades such as fishing, merchantry, and making and selling jewelry.


Merfolk have a variety of different religious beliefs. Many worship Melora, the god of the god of the sea in some fashion, but the practices vary. Which other gods, if any varies. Some tribes are quite religious and have long drawn out ceremonies and prayer, whereas others pray only when they need. Almost all merfolk have some kind of spiritual trinket.

Many merfolk believe that their soul belongs to the sea when they die.

Naming Conventions

Tribes are indicated by name. Fellow and neighboring tribe members are referred to by tribe name and the individuals given name.
Tribe Name – Given Name
Ex. Escha Mer

Familiarity and non-merfolk refer to an individual by given name only.
Ex. Mer


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