There are many gods worshiped in the world, and likely many more than the people on the continent of Yeenia are aware of. Below are a list of gods mentioned explicitly. NOTE: These gods will differ from their DnD counterparts so that they better fit the setting.

Asmodeus the god of tyranny and domination. He interacts quite directly, often speaking to warlords.

Turug the jailer god. He watches over all the spirits of the dead.

Melora is the god of the sea and of change. She is kind but fickle.

Hanon is the god of the forge. He is worshiped by almost all builders, from machinists to weaponsmiths to anyone building a home or fort.

Dartis is the god of the forest. He is the god of nature’s wrath. He is a cunning god bent on defending the natural world.

Ashurbanipal is the god of knowledge and literature. He is a stoic figure that almost never acts directly.


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