Gnomes are a sentient race that tends to live mostly underground. They are tiny in stature and are easily frightened. They are adept at technology, often choosing it over magic.

History and Culture

Gnomes are the youngest of the sentient races. Because of their tiny stature and inability to fight, they were isolationist for a very large portion of history. They were driven underground and into caves in the mountain by the other races. Once their technology advanced far enough that they could defend themselves, Gnomes began to reach out to other species. When a repair is needed, there are few better races to ask.


Gnomes are among the least religious races. Many feel forsaken by the gods and have forsaken them back as such. Many do have a soft spot for Hanon, the god of the forge.

Many gods actively hate the Gnomes for their refusal to worship. In particular, they have drawn the ire of Dartis due to their habit of deforestation. They also tend to anger Melora because they often dump pollution into the water.

Despite all this, Gnomes do fear the gods greatly. They realize that despite their defenses, their weapons do nothing against a god. This has made them superstitious. A tactic used against many gnomes is to convince them that a god is threatening them.


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