Turug is the jailer god. He is the god of binding and restraint, but not of domination. He is not a god of torture. He watches over the souls of the dead and eventually feasts upon them. He does not bother with a symbol, but symbols have been made of his common possessions.


Despite the fact that he feasts upon souls, he cares for the existence of mortals. He believes that a soul murdered early doesn’t have the time to properly ripen. He doesn’t torture the souls he holds, as that “bruises” the souls. He won’t wipe out existence, as that would mean the end of his food supply.
It is unclear how much prayer to him actually does. Many think that Turug simply ignores the prayers.
Turug is a truthful god and usually a quiet one. Sometimes in physical form he has been known to taunt or to play with mortals. Turug is not trusted despite his honesty. His reputation continues to horrify those around him, they fear for their souls and blame him for death. He rarely works with others, and when he does, almost never more than one at a time.


Turug’s home has no direct location on a map. It’s entrance is usually a cave. It doesn’t quite map to the physical world exactly. I.E. two different caves may lead to the same spot, and digging downward near the cave won’t take you there.

Physical Forms

Like many of the gods, Turug takes physical form to speak to mortals. His shape changes with almost every appearance he makes. The one thing that is constant is that he is always a gravedigger. Usually he is male and often dressed fairly poorly. He usually has some combination of shovel, lantern and keys.


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