The Six Founders

A thousand years ago, the city of Celesthem was founded by a group of six people. These six cleared the land of danger and made it inhabitable before being instrumental in it’s creation. What happened to these six afterwards is a bit of a mystery.

Eilora Reborn went on to become the mayor of the town after serving as it’s sheriff.

Marlamin Dawnlight was a warrior for much of his life before settling down to become a doctor in the town.

Kaveak Fourfaced lead the construction of the theater and the town bookstore before wandering away with his troupe.

Belkas Gnomekicker plowed the fields and planted the seeds that became the basis for the town’s agriculture. Despite the age of his plans, many are still in use.

Ianeak Chainbreaker became a wealthy businessman who trained the town militia. He was eventually buried in his tomb just to the east of town on the edge of the Yumagar Desert.

Tradak Wurmwilled founded the schools of magic in the town before wandering away in search of something.

The Six Founders

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