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  • Dyeson Trynfeld

    Powerful and eccentric wizard living in the town of [[Duranth]]. He is the brother of [[Yenril Trynfeld]]. He is blamed for the crystal explosion that encapsulated [[Duranth]].

  • Yenril Trynfeld

    Powerful wizard living in the hometown of [[Celesthem]]. He is a bit of a shut in. He is the brother of [[Dyeson Trynfeld]]. He wears large robes in layers, making him look far larger than he is.

  • Eilora Reborn

    Eilora was the [[Merfolk]] and the first mayor of [[Celesthem]]. She became the first sheriff of the city when it was young. After a few years it became clear that the city needed an actual head of government and Eilora threw her hat in the ring. …

  • The Pirate Captain

    The one time captain of the ship that came to be known as [[The Sword and Flagon]]. The pirate captain's real name is Cribel Samnt, but he often went by the name "Lead Jaw".

  • Briztar

    Briztar is the captain of the guard of [[Celesthem]]. He is a [[Mul]] with an odd sense of humor. He has massive burnsides.

  • Secondary Characters

    The continent of [[Yeenia]] has a wide variety of colorful characters. Listed below are some of the relevant ones, sorted by location. h2. [[Celesthem]] Shushei is a [[Human]] painter and art teacher. He teaches the southern wing of the art school …

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