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  • Duranth

    Duranth is a small coastal city in the nation of [[Abblen]]. It is a decent sized trade center and has a variety of different species that live there. All members of the party have some tie to the area. To the north of Duranth is [[Celesthem]]. Just …

  • Abblen

    A prominent nation on the western coast of [[Yeenia]]. The two cities mentioned so far in it are [[Duranth]] and [[Celesthem]].

  • Celesthem

    The large trade city to the north of [[Duranth]]. This city is part of the nation of [[Abblen]]. The city is very magically inclined. For whatever reason, magic flows more readily and is more powerful in the area. [[File:360813 | class=media-item- …

  • The Sword and Flagon

    The Sword and Flagon is a tavern made out of an old pirate ship that ran ashore. It is ran by the ghosts of the crew. A bunch of pirates pledged allegiance to the ship, that they forever owe it their soul. They overthrew [[The Pirate Captain]], which …

  • Ushad

    A city far north of [[Celesthem]] in the nation of [[Abblen]]. Not much is known about it.

  • Yeenia

    Yeenia is the name of the continent the story takes place on. The major nations mentioned are [[Abblen]], [[Zocor]] and [[Bodan]].

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